Monday, 19 July 2010


Well Saturday was an interesting occasion. It was time for my second interview for the project, and time to meet a long time friend for the very first time.

I joined a (then small) music forum called UKMIX back in 2001, when I was 15 and had the world ahead of me. The forum wasn't massive and consisted mainly of chatting loads to strangers over the net about charts and music, I loved it. I posted there for a few years, but stopped around 2004, the same sort of time I stopped listening to the charts in the way I used to. However, during my time I had befriended a few people that I still chat to online to this day, including a Mr Matthew Dixon.

Back in the day, me and Matthew used to chat nearly everyday, mostly about music. We've not chatted as much in recent times, but as soon as I had decided to take this project on, I thought this would be a great opportunity to finally meet him. He and his fellow UKMIXers have met up loads of times, and are really good mates, but I hadn't met any of them, so it was slightly daunting.

He was in London to watch the Divine Comedy perform that evening, and was meeting up with a number of London based UKMIXers, some of which I remember from my posting days. Surprisingly they generally all remembered me, and I instantly hit it off with Matthew and the others as if I had met up with them loads of times. It was rather surreal, but a lovely experience, and I hope to meet up with them again in the future.

I interviewed Matthew in another UKMIXer, Marius's house. However the interview didn't go to plan. The actual interview, and the answers I got from Matthew were brilliant, but here is where I learnt the value of preparation with equipment. Somehow, the Marantz recorder had managed to turn itself on in my bag, meaning it had run out of battery, to my horror. Thankfully, I somehow managed to find an adapter to Marius's CD player which was the exact voltage, and it worked to charge the Marantz.

When I eventually got home, I listened back to the interview, to discover that it hadn't recorded in the correct bitrate or filetype. I'm guessing that when I managed the settings beforehand, I hadn't actually pressed the correct confirmation button, meaning the sound quality isn't all that great. However, I think i've managed to salvage what I can.

So, all in all, the experience was half awesome but half disappointing due to the end product. Thankfully the interview itself was great so fingers crossed it sounds OK. This next week will all be about booking further interviews, transcribing recorded ones, and finally scripting the entire show.

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