Friday, 16 July 2010

Interview with a Chartologist

Well Tuesday was the big one - possibly the biggest and most important of all the interviews I'll be conducting for the project, and it's the very first one!

I travelled up to London, rather excited but also a bit nervous, as I was about to meet the guru of all things chart related, and one of my personal heroes, Paul Gambaccini.

After he had confirmed our meeting on Facebook last week, it still seemed somewhat crazy that I was just going to pop round his place for a quick interview, and I was even wondering whether it was actually going to happen! I got there stupidly early so I wondered around the Thames for a while, before finally popping in to the smart apartments.

I was slightly concerned at first because the concierge didn't send me up straight away so I was slightly late (even though I was actually early), but thankfully it wasn't a problem.

Paul was very pleasant, and to think how much a busy man he must be, it was awesome that he allowed a good half hour of his time to do an interview for a student. The interview itself was very good, I have got some great material from him, and it will give the project a certain 'officialness' with his iconic voice involved. The only annoying thing was the amount of police sirens going off outside the window!

Next week will be hopefully a whole lot of interviews with people. I'm still waiting to hear back from Wes Butters, so fingers crossed that comes through. I'm off to London again tomorrow to interview an old online forum friend, Matthew Dixon, who is an ultra chart fan. There may be some other chart followers there too so should be an interesting day. Just wish I didn't have to keep train-ing it to London!

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